2.5 James Bond, still going strong


James Bond originated as a character from the novels of writer Ian Fleming. But most people know James Bond from the movies. The first movie, Dr. No appeared in 1962. The latest movie, Skyfall, came out 50 years later in 2012. The previous blog posts of this chapter has been about the changes in the world of movie making. You only live twice was a Bond movie from 1967, but how does Bond seem to survive forever?

One point is the casting of the actors. The actors go along with their time. Sean Connery, the first James Bond was an irresistible Scottish Man. The second Bond was casted very badly. George Lazenby only played in one movie. On her Majesty’s Secret Service in 1969. The third Bond was a sophisticated Brit, Roger Moore. After Moore came the somewhat more emotional Timothy Dalton. The successor was very successful, Pierce Brosnan was a great bond, who fitted well with the more modern gadgets. The Latest James Bond, Daniel Craig, is the most toughest of all. He fits in with al the modern action films. Good casting may well have kept James Bond alive. The infographic below has some nice other insights of all the bonds!

James Bond infographic (source: http://www.cinemablend.com)

Another point is that they always hold on to a very successful formula of the thing. The first thing of the formula is that the film always starts off with a blast.

Before this blast always a ‘gun barrel icon’ scene. After the Gun Barrel sequence the movies start with a great action scene like a big fight or a wild chase. An example of one of these opening sequences is the jump of the dam in the opening of Goldeneye in 1997. After this action scene there is always a title sequence with animations in the background and where the soundtrack plays. Examples of the classic opening of all the James Bond opening are listed below.

After this opening the films always start with an opening at the MI-6 headquarters where Bond gets his assignment from his boss M. He always flirts with the secretary of his boss, miss Moneypenny. Bond is an enormous womanizer, but he has never has done anything than flirting with Moneypenny. After his assignment, he always goes to the Q-branch to have his gadgets for his mission.

Miss Moneypenny (source: wikipedia)

In every film there is always one Major villain that has to be stopped. That villain always has one minor villain that does his bidding. For instance, Goldfinger and Oddjob in the movie Goldfinger. There is also always a pun joke when the major or minor villain is killed. Especially Roger Moore did this very well. Also there is always a showdown at the end of the all the movies where the major villain is defeated.

One of the defying things of the bond movies are the Bond girls. In every film, there is at least one woman Bond shares the bed with. There is an impressive list of Bond girls! The movies almost always end with Bond saving the girl and finally being alone to have some.. let’s say alone time!

All these aspects that always come back in all the films make a real big success formula, because almost every bond film does better than the Bond movie before it!


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